Requirements: Burster plugin version 1.5.5 (Windows and Linux only), 3 button mouse, OpenGL compatible graphics card

May not work properly on some Intel chipsets

Desktop downloads soon to be available


Splat! is a game created for Ludum Dare 24, a game jam competition where you have to make a game in 48 hours.

This game has been entered into the Jam category, which is a more relaxed competition with an extra 24 hours to work on the game



Open "Splat.bat" to launch

"alt.bat" directly launches the game at fullscreen

Download »


Coming soon...

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Mac OS X

No download available, but can be run!

Download an OSX release of Blender and the project file to play it on your Mac

Download Blender for Mac

Download project file »

Project Files

Coming soon...

Download as one .blend »

Download all files »

MP3 Soundtrack

Includes all 2 songs from the game in MP3 320kbps!

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FLAC Soundtrack

Includes all 2 songs from the game in FLAC!

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Don't waste melons!

Make them explode!

Click the watermelon on the main menu

On the final level, hold down the letters 'C', 'A' and 'T' for a surprise!

WARNING: These tips probably aren't useful at all.


Blender (released under the GNU GPL)

Mouselook script by Riyuzakisan (Creative Commons Attribution)

Ubuntu font family (OFL)